Alfa Fuel services

Alfa Fuel services
The main objectives of Alfa Fuel services is the ownership, construction, operation and maintenance of fuel supplying stations in addition to the construction, development, operation and maintenance of customers’ service centers at these stations in Kuwait. The company has the right to offer at these stations all the services available for cars and equipment's including changing oil, car wash, maintenance workshops services, repair, technical inspection for the vehicles and central markets services. in addition to Convenience Store.

SOOR Fuel Marketing Company(S.A.K) was established in 2005, with fixed capital of 30,000,000 Kuwaiti Dinars, SOOR was declared finally incorporated in March,2006.Soor was listed at the Kuwait Stock Exchange on 30th June 2008.
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Mirqab - Block 3- Omar Ben Alkhatab st- KBT Tower
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