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 Traffic Dept.'s New Point System

Points according to Violations
4 Points  Crossing Red Traffic Light
4 Points  Exceeding Specified Speed Limit
4 Points  Reckless Driving
3 Points  Driving on a License not suitable for that Category
3 Points  Driving with Withdrawn or Invalid Driving License
3 Points  Driving in the Opposite Direction
3 Points  Driving a Unlicensed Vehicle
3 Points  Driving a vehicle without the number plate / defaced number plate.
2 Points  Using private car for transportation

2 Points  Intentionally obstructing traffic

2 Points  Driving a vehicle without proper function of brakers

1 Point  Violating passenger loading regulations

1 Point  Exceeding vehicle stipulated weight, width and length

1 Point  Non-adherence to traffic lines and signs

1 Point  Wrong 'U' turns

1 Point  Driving without compulsory insurance document

1 Point  Invalid car permits

 Punishments & Fines according to points of Traffic Violation:-
14 points 1st Time violators, Withdrawal of driving permit for 1 month
12 points 2nd Time violators, Withdrawal of driving permit for 6 months
10 points 3rd Time violators, Withdrawal of driving permit for 9 months
8 points 4th Time violators, Withdrawal of driving permit for 1 year
6 points 5th Time violators, Permanent Withdrawal of driving license


For these reasons police can detain a driver :
 Driving without valid driving license
Driving under influence of alchohol or drugs or repetitive violations.
Causing an accident which may result in death or serious injury
Racing on public roads
Attempting to flee after being involved in an accident in which people may be injured or after being ordered to stop
Crossing a red light
Driving reckless so as to endanger others


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