Zeyad D.M Al-Saleh Trading & Contracting Co. W.L.L.

We have entered into competition for projects in an industry populated by many companies, large and small – all competing for their share of the market. To earn our share, we know that we must be better than our competition. Indeed, we have the determination, experience, and the vision to be the best in the business. Once a contract is signed with our customer, technical drawings are checked and triple-checked for accuracy. During each phase of construction, supervision is provided every step of the way. After the project is completed, customers are called on annually to ensure total satisfaction. Zeyad D.M. Al-Saleh’s Contracting Division comes together as a professional team through education, training and experience. Fully equipped company vans, minimize the time spent at each site thus utilizing the time of each employee to the fullest as well as ensuring ultimate efficiency.
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