Kindergarten's in Kuwait

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Al Bustan Nursery

The nursery is equipped with the means of modern technology to be used in the educational process, sophisticated audio devices (Suvag) to amplify the sound frequencies and educational purposeful...
Apr 25, 2010 Clicks: 52

Al Resala Bilingual School - Kindergarten

Al Resala Bilingual School is a Private School which aspires to meet the highest international standards; it offers a bilingual Arabic-English education for boys and girls starting from...
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 37

Al Ru'ya Bilingual School - Kindergarten

The kindergarten provides a bilingual system model for education, through an environment full of positive activities, besides respecting the moral values. Our aim is to set an integrated curriculum...
Mar 7, 2010 Clicks: 41

Al Tamayouz Trilingual Nursery

Al Tamayouz Trilingual Nursery
Apr 26, 2010 Clicks: 51

Al-Islah Model Nursery

Al-Islah Model Nursery
Apr 26, 2010 Clicks: 25

Al-Rawda Model Nursery

Al-Rawda Model Nursery
Apr 26, 2010 Clicks: 28

Alfarah Nursery

Alfarah Nursery in Qadsiya
Apr 26, 2010 Clicks: 25

American Arab Bilingual Academy - Kindergarten

Kindergarten is divided into KG and Reception. They are very much part of the main school. They attend the school assembly daily and participate in making presentations regularly.
Mar 8, 2010 Clicks: 27

American Bilingual Nursery

American Bilingual Nursery
Apr 26, 2010 Clicks: 39

American Bilingual School Kuwait - Kindergarten

The American Bilingual School in Kuwait a non-profit K-12 school offering a challenging bilingual curriculum enabling students to achieve their fullest social, intellectual, emotional and physical...
Mar 7, 2010 Clicks: 28

American School of Kuwait - Kindergarten

Welcome to Kindergarten - American School of Kuwait . These early years are the beginning of your child's education journey. We focus on developing a welcoming environment where children can feel...
Mar 7, 2010 Clicks: 49

Baby of Mine Preschool and Daycare, Mangaf, Kuwait

Baby of Mine - Preschool and Daycare with a difference, where we make sure that every child is treasured.
Oct 23, 2008 Clicks: 194


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